Contact Star Japan’s representative in Guyana, Mr. Siri Persaud at 676-6700.

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WELCOME GUYANA to the lowest prices for Japanese vehicles.

STAR JAPAN AUTO is pleased to announce for its Guyanese customers access to Japanese Car Auctions. Customers from Guyana can buy direct from the auctions throughout Japan, compete with auto dealers from around the world, including Japanese dealers. Therefore Guyanese customers can buy vehicles for prices better than the biggest dealers.

While most auto dealers around the world buy from dealers in Japan, Guyanese can now get to view and buy vehicles at the best prices. There are no dealer mark-ups or middlemen who increase the cost. All costs are shown in this Excel sheet. Just add the Duty and VAT when the vehicle arrives in Guyana. Star Japan’s representative in Guyana will be there to assist with all documentation and Customs clearing. You will be shown the Customs calculations which favour the direct import by individuals. In other words, Guyana Customs duty is lower as an individual than when an auto dealer imports the same vehicle.

Take advantage of buying direct from Japanese auctions at better than dealer prices and discover how individual import makes your chosen vehicle cheaper than buying from a dealer; you save by buying from the auctions and lower duties. Contact Star Japan’s representative in Guyana, Mr. Siri Persaud at 676-6700.

Steps for cheap vehicle imports into Guyana:

  1. Register
  2. Log in and browse the vehicle of your choice
  3. Use Excel calculator for vehicle cost and freight based on your bidding price
  4. If satisfied with the cost make a deposit of Yen 200,000 (approximately US$2,000) with Star Japan’s Guyana representative. That amount is refundable if your bid is not successful. However, once your bid is successful it will be applied to the bid price and over all cost of the vehicle. Bidders are strongly advised that once the bid has been accepted at the auction the full price must be paid and that the deposit becomes non refundable.
  5. The Guyanese buyer pays the remainder of the purchase price against a Star Japan invoice dispatched within 48 hours of the winning bid
  6. Vehicle shipped on the next available vessel (or if container service is required additional charges will apply).


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